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A detailed course

Our course consists of all the details you will need to know to educate yourself with the information required to be relocate to the UK. This includes in depth information on IELTS, PLABS, Visas and tips in finding work in the UK.

Industry Professional support

MedMoveUk is ran by Directors and Doctors with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. Our partnered Doctors (originally from Pakistan and India) can offer first hand support for any queries you may have. You will have access to an account manager who can answer any queries.

Mock PLAB Tests

Along with the course, you will receive mock PLAB tests which can help prepare you for exams.

24/7 help and assistance line

When the course is purchased, you will have access to a help line which offers advice and guidance throughout the registration process. You will have a dedicated account manager who can put you in touch with an NHS Consultant with the most experience, specific to your situation.

Maximise PLAB Success with MedMoveUK’s Training Courses and Mock Tests

Starting the journey to become a practicing doctor in the UK involves passing the PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) exams. This is a significant hurdle for international medical graduates.

To navigate this challenge, MedMoveUK offers an array of PLAB training courses across the UK. These are designed to align with the comprehensive syllabus for PLAB exams and prepare candidates thoroughly for success. We also cover PLAB mock tests and tips.

Our PLAB training courses are structured around the core components of the PLAB exam syllabus. Every critical topic is covered in depth. We understand that the key to excelling in the PLAB exams doesn’t lie in rote memorisation but in a clear understanding and application of medical principles in practical scenarios. We focus on knowledge acquisition and help you develop the critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills that are essential for the exam and beyond.

Alongside PLAB training courses, we offer extensive PLAB mock tests and tips to help you prepare for the real exam environment. These tests are crafted to reflect the format and difficulty level of the actual PLAB exams. We provide candidates with a realistic practice experience. Furthermore, our mock tests are accompanied by valuable tips and personalised feedback, allowing candidates to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. 

Our expert instructors, who are well-versed in the PLAB exam patterns and the latest medical practices in the UK, deliver the courses and mock tests. They bring invaluable insights and tips that can make a significant difference in a candidate’s performance. Our comprehensive training will equip you with the confidence to tackle the PLAB exams head-on. 

At MedMoveUK, we’re committed to providing an educational experience that sets the foundation for your future medical career in the UK. Join our PLAB training courses and take advantage of our tailored mock tests and tips to achieve success!