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Becoming a Doctor in the UK.

A Detailed guide aiding support through IETLS, PLABS and finding your first job in the UK.

The journey to becoming a doctor in the UK is rigorous and thorough; only the most qualified individuals are certified to practice medicine. The PLAB (Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board) exam is a pivotal element in this process. It assesses the competence of overseas doctors to work in the UK.

At MedMoveUK, we’re seeking experienced medical professionals who are eager to shape the future of healthcare by becoming PLAB examiners. This is an opportunity to apply your knowledge and experience in a significant way. You’ll influence the next generation of doctors and ensure they’re equipped with the skills and professionalism required in the UK.

Are you considering relocating to the UK to start your career as a Doctor? It’s a great opportunity, but we understand it can be over whelming and expensive preparing for IELTS and PLABS, and then there is no guarantee to find a job in the NHS. That’s why at MedMoveUK, we have created a comprehensive guide outlining the process of becoming a doctor in the UK. This includes information surrounding PLABS (includes mock tests) as well as tips for undertaking IELTS. We also offer live seminars with a UK based PLAB examiner, who can educate you on the syllabus, to help you pass first time. The Dr will be running live seminars divided into PLAB 1, PLAB 2.

Live Seminars
from UK doctors

We are offering Doctors the chance to register their availability to join live seminars with a UK based PLAB examiner.

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What we Offer You


Live PLAB and PLAB 2 educational seminars

NHS Consultant of 5+ years is offering you the chance to join our hour-long educational seminars for PLAB 1 and PLAB 2.

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Detailed guide outlining the process of becoming a doctor in the UK

(Visas, locum and permanent pay scales, licensing and more)

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Mock PLAB tests

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24/7 Relocation advice

(open email for queries)

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This is where MedMoveUK’s value comes in, as we will teach you what to do, and how to react to certain scenarios.

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Full Course

So, if you’re looking to come to the UK to pursue a career in Medicine: Let MedMoveUK be your guide. We are offering a free chapter so you can see what our guide; ‘Becoming a Doctor in the UK’, is like. You will also receive a discount in your confirmatory email.

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